Sea Change Health

Human Health

The way we care for ourselves directly impacts our ability to care for others. Whether you are a healthcare provider looking to re-ignite your own passion and well-being, looking to refine your expertise with ocean conservation, or looking to elevate your team's leadership, you can find a compelling experience here. 

Wounded Healers

Claire leads retreats focused on supporting the medical community through Wounded Healers. After struggling with physical and mental health issues following a period of burnout, Claire found support through a return to the natural world. 

Medical providers experience mental health challenges at high rates, with suicide rates higher than the general population. This, coupled with a mindset of caring for others prior to caring for oneself, can lead to isolation and further challenges. Wounded Healers seeks to provide support and space for healing.

Leadership Workshops

The leadership qualities valued among highly effective leaders find their roots in a surprising place. For decades, we have relied on animals and the natural world to give us guidance on how to successfully navigate life's challenges. For most of us, we have forgotten how to listen to this natural wisdom. 

Claire works with your team to tailor an impactful workshop that highlights the knowledge we share with animals, and how this translates into effective leadership that comes from a place of integrity. 

Marine Mammal Workshops

Marine mammals are highly specialized animals, attuned to the unique challenges of straddling a marine and terrestrial environment. Claire teaches powerful workshops that will leave your team more knowledgable, highly prepared, and empowered to hone their expertise. 

Workshops can be tailored to a variety of audience skill levels; from students beginning their journey in marine mammal science, to veterinary experts hungry for the latest updates from the field.