Selected Research

Toxic Algae May Impact the Brains of Non-Releasable Sea Lions


Changes in our environment and human impacts are resulting in harmful algal blooms increasing in size and frequency. This study reviewed medical records for 161 sea lions, and found that neurologic disease is common, particularly in neonates. 

More research is needed to understand the role exposure to biotoxins early in life may play throughout the life of an animal. 

Treating Eye Infections In Dolphins with Stem Cells and Platelet-Rich Plasma


Fungal infections of the cornea can rapidly progress to vision loss, and even loss of the eye. This case describes the first use of stem cells - which help the immune system repair the cornea - to treat a dolphin's eye. 

Understanding Marine Mammal Health in a Changing Ocean


Marine mammals are often seen as sentinels of ocean health, but accessible, cohesive data on their health changes are rare. A real-time system for reporting marine mammal disease data is needed to be able to understand how marine mammal diseases are changing with ecosystem changes.