Novel Long-lasting Therapy to Treat Eye Ulcers in Sea Lions

Corneal ulcers are common in pinnipeds. Oral antibiotics and topical eye drops may not be practical to administer, and new treatments are desired. Thermodynamic gels are a potential solution because they hold antimicrobials at the site of injection, slowly releasing drug. This study compared subconjunctival injection of antibiotic gel with the standard therapy, and found that the novel therapy is a safe and effective option to treat superficial corneal ulcers in pinnipeds. 

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Simeone, C.A., Colitz, C.M., Colegrove, K.M., Field, C.L., Rios, C., Chandler, H.L. and Johnson, S.P., 2017. Subconjunctival antimicrobial poloxamer gel for treatment of corneal ulceration in stranded California sea lions (Zalophus californianus). Veterinary Ophthalmology, 20(5), pp.441-449.